Thursday, June 30, 2022

Common Allergies & How Your Air Conditioner Can Help!

As the season transitions into warmer weather, this tends to increase the likelihood of seasonal allergies. There are plenty of environmental allergies that can affect your health this summer. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you are more sensitive to these allergens and the symptoms may be worse for you. But, even people who are not prone to seasonal allergies can experience more difficulty breathing and fighting off infection when they have been regularly exposed to summer allergens. Royal Heating & Air is here to help you enjoy a comfortable home with fresh, clean air. In this week’s blog, we're diving into some of the most common allergies and how to keep them out of your house for cleaner indoor air and easier breathing this summer.

Dust & Dust Mites

Every home has some amount of dust that will accumulate on the surface of everything in the house. Dust is primarily made up of dead skin cells, hair, clothing fibers, dirt, dead bugs, and other particles. The other things you have to worry about with dust are the dust mites that will be there too. Dust mites are microscopic pests (smaller than a period mark!) that eat dead skin cells, which is why they are found wherever there is dust. The droppings of dust mites are what actually cause allergic reactions in people. As the air in your home circulates, you breathe in the dust, dust mites, and dust mite droppings all together. The allergic reaction from breathing this in can include inflamed airways, wheezing, difficulty breathing, and more. 

One of the best ways to prevent this allergy from aggravating your airways is to keep your house as dust-free as possible. Be sure to regularly change out your air filter so it doesn't get overloaded. If the air filter is too full, it won't be able to properly filter out the dust from the air in your home. Some filters need to be changed once a month and others can last for 6 months at a time. Be sure to check and see how often your is supposed to be replaced. 

Pet Dander

Another common household allergen if you have pets is pet dander. When people are allergic to cats or dogs, what they are actually allergic to is the dander of cats or dogs. Dander can be defined as skin flakes from an animal's fur or hair. If someone living in your home has a pet allergy, then the best solution is to not have pets in the house or to adopt pets that don't trigger their allergies. If you don't have anyone living in your home with allergies, then there are still things you can do to help prevent or reduce an allergic response for your guests that might have allergies. 

To reduce dander, start at the source! Healthy skin and hair for your pets can help reduce the amount of dander sloughing off around the house. Regularly vacuuming and cleaning your floors (and furniture if pets are allowed on the couches) can help a lot with reducing the amount of dander circulating in the air in your home. You can also check the type of air filter you're using and upgrade to a kind that is rated to filter out pet dander for improved indoor air quality. It's also important to have regular HVAC maintenance checks to make sure your airflow is optimal. Air that isn't moving isn't getting filtered, so the better the airflow, the cleaner the air!  

Mold & Mildew

Mold and mildew are very similar but still have a few distinct differences. Mold is a microscopic fungus that grows on organic matter. It usually looks raised and can appear as green, red, blue, or black. Mold also looks slimy or fuzzy. Mildew is a specific kind of mold that grows where there is a lot of moisture. It typically looks flat, white or gray, and powdery. This can be more prominent during the humid and hot days this summer!

To prevent mold and mildew growth, it's important to control the amount of moisture and humidity in your home. Instead of having a humidifier that runs all the time, consider getting a whole home humidifier that can sense the amount of humidity in the air and turn on or off depending on what the house needs. If you have a lot of humidity in the summer, you may even want to invest in a dehumidifier to help reduce the humidity in high moisture areas like the bathroom. One of the best ways to prevent mold and other pathogens from growing in your home is to have Royal Heating & Air install a UV light system in your HVAC. UV light can kill mold, bacteria, and viruses, giving you clean and fresh indoor air! 

Best HVAC Company at the Lake 

Royal Heating & Air is the best heating and cooling company at the Lake of the Ozarks and we are here for you! We can come check your HVAC system to make sure everything is working properly, install a whole home humidifier, and add a UV light system to your HVAC to help give you a fresh and clean home. Give us a call! 573-480-4313

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Monday, June 27, 2022

Is Your AC Working Too Hard?

If your home has an air conditioner installed near lake of the Ozarks, then you must be mindful that it needs regular maintenance to keep it in good condition. If you do not keep on top of regular check-ins, you could fall victim of your unit stop functioning all together or operating at its optimal performance. This time of year when humidity is high and you need the coolness of an air conditioner, but there are might also be times when the air conditioner is not giving you the results it is intended to provide. Could it be that your air conditioner needs some cleaning or parts replacement? Let’s find out a few signs your AC could be working harder than it needs to and you need to make a service call to the best HVAC company at the Lake of the Ozarks.

1. Your air filter needs replacement.

The purpose of your air conditioner filter is to keep the air clean and purely cool. This means the dust is not spread throughout the room when the air conditioner provides cool air. Whenever the air filter has sucked in dust and other impurities, it needs replaced in order for the air conditioner to continue providing cool air. Unless the air filter is regularly replaced, your health could also be potentially affected, as its air filter is full and may no longer have the ability to filter the allergens.

How often should you replace your filter? The best frequency is every three months or as necessary. This is the maximum length of an air filter, although it may vary depending on where you live.

2. Your air conditioner unit is old enough to need replacement.

A good and well-maintained air conditioner should be of full service to your home between 12 and 15 years. In some cases, your AC can serve you well longer than 15 years. If your air-conditioner unit is not properly maintained, there is a high probability that some of its integral and irreplaceable parts may already have been damaged…leading to costly repairs or the purchase of a whole new unit all together.

3. Your electric bills go up.
Depending on the level of coolness required and the regularity of your air conditioner is used, your energy usage varies. If you are not using the maximum output level of an air conditioner, then your bill should not be too high. But even if you are using a low or medium level of coolness on your air conditioner and you notice an increase in your energy consumption, the chances are your air conditioner is unnecessarily doubling its effort in providing cool air to your home. 

Whether you have a whole house or one room unit air conditioner, do not make it work harder than it needs to! If you see any leaks or signs your AC unit has been compromised, call your HVAC professional near the Lake of the Ozarks! There is nothing worse than coming home to a home that is hotter than the air outside! Do not wait until something goes wrong to call your AC technician at Lake of the Ozarks, MO. It is best to be proactive and get a summer tune-up to give your air conditioner a head start. A check-up and test will ensure everything is working properly and prolong the life of your AC systems. We hope you have a COOL and happy summer with a fully functional air conditioner!

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Thursday, June 16, 2022

The Basics of HVAC, Every Homeowner Should Know

If you're a homeowner in Missouri, you probably have an HVAC system that keeps your home comfortable year-round! It's an integral part of your home, but how much do you really know about it? Royal Heating and Air is the best HVAC company at the Lake of the Ozarks and we are here to help! In today's blog, we are covering the basics that every homeowner should know about your heating and cooling system. We will cover the differences between using your HVAC system for heating as well as cooling. Keep reading to learn all about it! 

What Does HVAC Stand For?

We use the term HVAC often, and you know it generally means the system that keeps your house warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot. But what does HVAC really stand for? It stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning.

Most Familiar Parts of Your HVAC


The thermostat is the part of the HVAC system that you interact with the most - possibly even daily. The thermostat is the appliance used to set the temperature for your home. You can switch the system from cool to heat or fan. Thermostats can range from simple and outdated, or they can be customizable, programmable devices that help you save on energy costs and enjoy more high-tech convenience. Royal Heating & Air has great programmable thermostats for you home - give us a call to learn more! 

Vents & Ductwork

The vents are another part of the HVAC system that you can easily see from inside your home. Depending on how your system is installed, the vents could be in the ceiling or in the floor. These vents are connected to the ductwork. Ductwork is what moves the air through the system and throughout your home to keep it at the temperature you set. Royal Heating & Air is set apart because we can design and create custom-fit ductwork for homes. This helps improve your system's efficiency and longevity because there are less leaks and more direct paths to the rooms they're managing. 

HVAC Parts for Heating


Furnaces move heated air from the heat exchanger into the ductwork, which then goes into your home. 

Heat Exchanger

A heat exchanger is inside of the furnace, but not technically part of it. This is a really important element in keeping your home warm when it's cold outside. It adds heat to air that comes through the system. 

HVAC Parts for Cooling

Evaporator Coil

Even though this part of your system is for cooling, it's located in the furnace. Inside of the evaporator coil, there is a fluid called refrigerant. As air passes over the coil, the coil absorbs the heat from the air which cools it down. Then that cold air is blown into your home, cooling it down. 

Condensing Unit

Condensing units also exchange heat with the air that passes over it, just like the evaporator coil. However, condensing units give off heat and are for outdoor HVAC units. 

Refrigerant Tubes

These tubes connect the indoor (evaporator coil) and outdoor (condensing coil) HVAC units. 

Heat Pump

Heat pumps can work to both heat and cool your home. When it's cold outside, the heat pump takes heat from the outside and pumps it inside. When it's hot outside, it takes heat from inside and pumps it outside instead.

Best HVAC Company at the Lake 

Royal Heating & Air is the best heating and cooling company at the Lake of the Ozarks and we are here to help you understand your system and keep it working well so your home stays comfortable and safe for years! Summer is the last time you’d want a broken air conditioner, so make sure you understand how your system works properly. If you think your air conditioner is breaking down make sure to give us a call to schedule a check-in: 573-480-4313. Have a cool summer!


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Friday, June 10, 2022

Keep Safe From The Sun This Summer With These Tips!


Summer is just about here and the best way to stay safe from the sun is in the cool air conditioning! Air conditioners save us from the summer heat and keep us comfortable all season when they are working correctly. Just having it installed is not enough when prepping for summer, you should have a professional complete a few maintenance tasks to prolong the life of your AC. A professional HVAC tune-up at the Lake of the Ozarks is one of the safest ways to check whether your system is in good condition for summer. Here are a few other tips to keep you cool this summer!

Cover up!

Sun exposure can cause sunburn, skin aging such as skin spots, wrinkles, or “leathery skin,” eye damage, and skin cancer, the most common of all cancers.

You can cloth yourself with ultraviolet protection factor labeled clothing or darker colored pieces. Don’t forget the sunglasses or wide-brimmed hats to keep your eyes protected!

Wear Your Sunscreen

Reduce your skin cancer risk by wearing sunscreen daily, especially in the summer! It is finally time for fun summer activities, but don’t let that distract you from keeping your health a priority!

Choose the correct sunscreen for your skin and apply 15 minutes before you plan on going outdoors! Broad spectrum with a SPF of 30 or higher. Find one that is also water-resistant so your time in the water won’t wash off your sunscreen. Reapply sunscreen every couple of hours as directed on the sunscreen. We would even suggest protecting your lips with sunscreen ChapStick.

Seek Shade
Seek shade and limit your time in direct sunlight during the sun peak hours of 10 AM and 4 PM during the summer. Use an umbrella or take a break from the sun in the air conditioning!
Use the UV Index forecast
Tune in to local radio and TV stations or check online for the UV index forecast in your area. When the UV index is 3 or higher, wear protective clothing, sunglasses, and sunscreen, even when it’s cloudy.

Drink plenty of cool liquids (especially water) before you feel thirsty
If sunny days are also hot and humid, stay cool and most importantly, hydrated to avoid heat illness. Dehydration is very dangerous, and you should always carry water with you when you plan on being outdoors.

Avoid using tanning equipment
There is no such thing as a ‘healthy’ tan. Using tanning equipment damages your skin and increases your risk of developing melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer.
Fun Fact
Did you know even animals practice sun protection?! Chimpanzees avoid the midday sun and hippos secrete pink-colored oil that acts like a sunscreen to protect their skin from sunburn.

Royal Heating and Air Wishes You a Safe and COOL Summer

Sun safety is ALWAYS in season, and it is so important to protect your skin from potential sun damage. Skin cancer is on the rise and one of the most common forms for cancer is the Unites States. 

Whether you have a whole house or one room unit air conditioner, do not make it work harder than it needs to! Schedule a maintenance check up with your HVAC professional to keep your unit working efficiently to keep your home cool all season long! If you see any leaks or signs your AC unit has been compromised, call your HVAC professional near the Lake of the Ozarks!

Family vacations to the lake are always memorable and fun! With all that our beautiful community has to offer, there is no wonder weekenders choose to take up semi-permanent residency here in the summer months, and we happily welcome them! If you are here for the weekend and looking to create some excellent memories that the whole family will cherish, Royal Heat and Air wishes you a safe summer at the lake! We hope you follow these sun safety tips for the best summer with your family and friends!

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Thursday, June 2, 2022

Get Out & Enjoy the Summer Weather with these 5 June Events!

 The summer weather is upon us, which means it is time to get out and enjoy June events around the lake! Royal Heating and Air is here to help you make the most of the season. We make sure your HVAC unit at the Lake of the Ozarks are running well so you can stay comfortable no matter the weather. Today, we're also bringing you some great June events going on around the lake over the next month to help you take advantage of the warmer weather. Check out these events, you won’t want to miss this June!


Jun 2, 2022 - Jun 5, 2022 from 7 am to 10 pm

·         Missouri's largest swap meet featuring antiques, guns, fishing tackle, crafts, small animals, fowl, flea market items, etc.

·        Set up and camp or just come browse the acres of crafts, goods, livestock, and various products at Jacobs Cave on North Hwy 5 between Gravois Mills and Versailles.

Jacob's Cave Meadowlands

23114 Hwy TT

Versailles, 65084

Phone: 573-378-4374


Jun 3, 2022 from 6:00pm-10:00pm for Non Stop Reggae Band

• Join us at the largest swim-up bar in the midwest, The Hippo for this amazing group performing all the great Bob Marley hits. You will not be disappointed!

• Come earlier in the day and take advantage of the great drinks, food, and fun in the sun! 

The Regalia Hotel and Conference Center

250 Racquet Club Drive

Lake Ozark, MO 65049

Phone: 5737233000



Jun 4, 2022 

Deadline to register is June 3, 2022.
Boats made with cardboard and duct tape only!
Boat races start at 1:00 pm - Please arrive by 12:30 pm.
Prize and bragging rights to 1st place!
Lake of the Ozarks Food Bank Advisory Board Fundraiser. All money is donated locally.
To register your team contact Jasen Jones: or 314-401-5518.

Captain Ron's Bar & Grill
82 Aloha Lane
Sunrise Beach, MO 65079
Phone: 314.401.5518


Jun 12, 2022 from 11:30 am Registration, 1:00 pm Tee Time

Lake West Chamber Golf Tournament
4 person scramble
Silent Auction
Awards Dinner
Registration at 11:30 am - Shotgun start at 1:00 pm

Indian Rock Golf Club
100 Indian Lake Ave.
Gravois Mills, MO 65037
Phone: 5733745500


Jun 25, 2022

• Linn Creek City Park, 102 West Valley Dr., Linn Creek, MO 65052
• Registration opens at 6:30 AM, Start Time 7:30 AM
• $20 pre-registration, $25 registration day of race, Children under 12: $10. A 5/10K Virtual Race $35 (A virtual race is a race that can be run or walked from any location you choose. You can run, jog, or walk on the road, on the trail, on the treadmill, at the gym or on the track). You run your own race, at your own pace, and time it yourself. 
• Email your time to and your T-Shirt
will be shipped directly to you. For information call Cheryll McGuire 281-468-3508.
• All proceeds benefit the Missouri Forget-Me-Not Horse Rescue in Linn Creek.
• Register online and pay with credit card or PayPal at or find us on
• Medals for top 3 finishers in each category at Saturday race. Pre-register by June 12th to guarantee
T-shirt availability.

Linn Creek City Park
102 West Valley Dr.
Linn Creek, MO 65052
Phone: 281-468-3508

Whether you live at the lake full-time or come down for the weekends, you deserve to enjoy your time at the Lake of the Ozarks without a care in the world. Royal Heating and Air can help with that! We make sure you are comfortable by providing the best HVAC service at the Lake of the Ozarks. You should be able to focus on fun, not on issues with the cooling systems at your house! Give us a call to schedule a HVAC maintenance check and plan your worry-free trip to the Lake of the Ozarks this June!

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