Monday, October 31, 2016

Should I Cover My AC Unit This Season?

During autumn, most of us forget about our AC units, as we are no longer using them. However, there are still many things you need to do to take care of them in order for your system to be in good condition next spring. It's important to keep your unit clear of leaves and other debris during the fall. In addition, the winter season could cause damage with ice and snow. At this point, you may be thinking that it would be easier to keep your unit clean if you covered it. Royal Heating & Air has gathered the pros and cons of covering your AC unit during the off-season.

Pros of Covering

- Having your air conditioner covered during the fall can prevent leaves, yard waste, sticks and other debris from getting stuck inside. 

- During the winter, a cover can protect your unit from falling ice. Falling ice can cause a lot of damage to your AC unit that could require costly repairs. 

- A cover could also keep the coils cleaner so it runs more efficiently the next time the AC unit is turned on. 

- Covers prevent water from resting directly on the coils and freezing, which could damage them.

Cons of Covering 

- Covers can create the perfect shelter for furry critters. Squirrels, raccoons and rodents seek shelter during the cooler months. If they use your covered AC unit as shelter, they could cause extensive damage to the electrical wiring and other important parts. 

- Although covers prevent water from getting in the AC unit, sometimes covers can create moisture causing mold to grow inside it. When you cover the entire unit, moisture can be trapped inside by creating a high humidity environment as the sun beats down on it.

Should The AC Unit Be Covered?

In the end, deciding to cover it is completely up to you, as there are both advantages and disadvantages to covering your outside unit. On the plus side, your AC unit is kept clean and free of debris. However, if you cover your unit, you run the risk of having critters taking shelter in it. Please note that if you have a heat pump versus an air conditioner, you should never cover it because heat pumps work all year long. In addition, make sure you remember to remove the cover before turning it on again. If you turn on your AC unit with the cover on, you run the risk of burning up your unit. 

Royal Heating & Air

Royal Heating & Air is here for all of your Lake of the Ozarks heating and cooling needs. Whether you are needing a new HVAC system or an upgrade, you can count on Royal Heating & Air. Although the weather this fall has been beautiful, the cold winter season is just around the corner. Make sure your home is nice and warm this upcoming season by having a professional HVAC repair company at the Lake of the Ozarks take a look at your system. To schedule your appointment, call 573-480-4313 today!

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Friday, October 28, 2016

5 Energy Efficiency Tips For Halloween

Halloween is quickly approaching. This is a great day to have some fun with friends and family. From tricking or treating to scary movies, there are many ways to celebrate Halloween at the Lake of the Ozarks. Whether you are staying in and passing out candy or you are hosting a Halloween party, your heating and cooling company at the Lake of the Ozarks has five energy efficiency tips for this spooky day. 

1. Keep The Door Closed

The best way to keep the heat inside is to keep your door closed. Opening and closing your door for trick or treaters can let out a lot of heat. When the streets begin to fill with little ghosts, witches and ghouls, instead of constantly opening the door, you can make sure your furnace doesn't work overtime by passing out candy outside. Grab a blanket, jacket and chair and greet the kids on the driveway.  The weather is looking good so far for Halloween, so gather a few friends and enjoy the cool, fall evening together. After a successful night, you can come inside and enjoy your warm house!

2. Use Candles In Pumpkins

After spending time carving your pumpkin, you'll want the right lighting to set the mood. There are many different ways to light a pumpkin. However, the most energy efficient way is with a traditional candle, as it doesn't use any electricity or energy. If you decide to use a candle in your pumpkin, there are a few things you need to be aware of though. Make sure you keep all flammable objects away, such as dried hay and corn husks, which are often used in Halloween decorations. If your pumpkin will be outside, make sure to keep the leaves cleared away. In addition, it is important to make sure to extinguish the flame before going to bed so it is not lit all night.

3. Turn Off Decorations

After the night's festivities are over, remember to turn off or unplug any decorations that use energy.  Leaving these decorations on throughout the night consumes a lot of energy and can result in an increase in your utility bill. 

4. Light It Up

There are many different ways you can save energy and make the night a bit more safe for the kids. Make your walkway safer for trick or treaters by using solar lights to mark your driveway. Solar power lights collect energy throughout the day and shine brightly at night without using any energy. Plus, you can get creative and use them as part of your Halloween decorations. Luminarias are also a good way to light up a path and save energy. Fill the bottom of a white paper bag with a little bit of sand, place a small candle inside and light it up. You will have a beautifully lit path that is also festive! 

5. Keep It Cool

If you are throwing a Halloween party, you are probably doing some cooking and baking to make sure your guests have food and treats. Do yourself (and your guests) a favor and turn the thermostat down by a couple of degrees. Don't let it get too warm in your home and take advantage of the extra heat provided by your appliances and all of your guests. Turning your thermostat down beforehand will help keep your guests comfortable and it will help you save energy. 

Have A Safe And Spooky Halloween!

Royal Heating & Air wishes everyone a Happy Halloween! Hopefully, with these tips, you can save energy and have some fun. If your HVAC unit needs to be serviced before it gets too cold, make sure that you call your Lake of the Ozarks HVAC repair company at 573-480-4313.  From maintenance to installing new units, Royal Heating & Air is here for all your HVAC needs. 

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Is Your Furnace Not Blowing Warm Air? Royal Heating & Air Can Help!

Although it was beautiful this last weekend, the cold weather will be hitting the Lake area soon. When you turn on your furnace and it starts blowing cold air, you probably will not be happy. Luckily, your Lake of the Ozarks HVAC repair company is here to help your home stay warm all winter long. Royal Heating & Air offers three tips for when your furnace stops blowing warm air. 

1. Change The Furnace Filter

If your furnace blows warm air, then blows cold air, and then stops blowing air completely, this could be the result of an overheated furnace. Furnaces have a safety control that will shut the burners off, however, the furnace fan will remain on to cool the furnace down to a safe level. Overheating furnaces can be caused by a dirty filter blocking the airflow, causing the furnace to run longer to heat your home until it overheats. It is important to replace your filter immediately, as constant overheating could cause damage to your furnace's heat exchanger. 

2. Check The Thermostat

Are you setting your thermostat, but your home isn't staying warm? If your furnace is constantly running, but blowing cold air, you may have your thermostat on the wrong setting. Double check to make sure the thermostat is set to "auto" instead of "on." If the thermostat is set to on, the furnace fan will constantly run, even if the furnace isn't heating the air. When the thermostat is switched to auto, the furnace will only blow warm air. 

3. Pilot Light Is Out

If the furnace is blowing cold air, the pilot light may be out. Check out these three solutions:

1. Relight the pilot light. If it stays on, you're in the clear! 

2. If the pilot light won't relight, ensure that gas is flowing into the furnace. Make sure that the gas valve is turned on. If it is, check to see if the pilot light is clean. If it is dirty, clean it to allow gas to come through. 

3. If the pilot light comes on, but won't stay on, there may be an issue with the thermocouple. Royal Heating & Air can identify the issue and get it up and running again. 

Don't Be Left In The Cold This Winter!

If your furnace is not blowing warm air, don't worry! Royal Heating & Air can check your furnace for any issues and get it resolved. If you have your HVAC unit maintained by Royal Heating & Air, a professional technician can identify any potential issues early, before they become a bigger problem. If you need service done on your system, contact Royal Heating & Air today at 573-480-4313.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

How To Avoid Your Furnace Not Working On The First Cold Day

Now that autumn is here the nights and mornings are getting a bit chilly. Although you may not have switched your furnace on yet, you may be thinking about doing it soon. Now's the perfect time to contact your HVAC company at the Lake of the Ozarks for a quick routine service. As the Lake area cools down, you do not want to be stuck without a furnace. Having a Lake of the Ozarks' HVAC company service your unit before the start of the season can help ensure you don't freeze on the first cold night of the season.

Importance Of Furnace Maintenance

Your furnace doesn't just regulate the temperature inside your home, it also affects the indoor air quality. In addition, it also has a direct impact on your utility bills. A furnace that is maintained and serviced regularly often performs better and is more energy efficient, which could help reduce the costs of operation. If you have turned your furnace on, either for the season or just to make sure it turns on, and it seems to be working properly, you may think you don't need service. However, this is not always the case. A furnace could still heat your home, yet have mechanical issues that are not visible. If these issues go unrepaired, they will only get worse. Other parts could work overtime, making up for the work not being done by the broken part. However, the strain of this could lead to your whole unit breaking down. 

What Can Royal Heating & Air Do?

If you call a professional HVAC company at the Lake of the Ozarks to do service on your unit, they can help detect problems early, which could extend the life of your system. Royal Heating & Air can detect small developing problems and address them before it becomes expensive or difficult to resolve. It is recommended to have your Lake of the Ozarks HVAC unit serviced twice a year. Your air conditioning unit should be checked in the spring and your furnace should be checked in the fall. There are many different working parts in your furnace and Royal Heating & Air will come and make sure all of them are in proper working order. There are many parts that make a furnace work and when they are all working properly, you will have a furnace that will make your home comfortable during the cool season that's more energy efficient. 

Get Your Furnace Serviced By Royal Heating & Air

In order for your furnace to properly work, it needs regular maintenance done by a professional HVAC service company at the Lake of the Ozarks. If your HVAC unit needs repair or service, call Royal Heating & Air at 573-481-4313. We can make sure your furnace is prepared for the cold season, so that it can keep you comfortable all winter long. 

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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

10 Ways To Stay Warm Without Turning Up The Thermostat

It is slowly getting cooler at the Lake of the Ozarks. Many of us are preparing for the season by bringing out long sleeve shirts and thinking about turning on the heater. Before the cold air sets in and we all start blasting the heater, Royal Heating & Air offers ten tips to help you stay a little warmer this season. 

1. Seal Up Cracks

The first step in fighting the cold weather is to make sure the warm air stays in and the cold out. Check for drafts near doors and windows and seal up if necessary. Caulk is a good way to seal up around the frame and weatherstripping underneath doors and windows. 

2. Close Blinds

Blinds have another purpose other than decoration and privacy. During the winter, close the blinds to trap warm air in and keep the cool air out. If kept closed, blinds can prevent drafts from making the room cool. However, if there is a nice sunny day, make sure to keep the blinds open and let the sun heat up the room - just remember to close them before it gets dark. 

3. Insulate Your Home

Insulation is pretty standard in today's homes. However, if your home is older, it is a good idea to check to make sure the insulation is still good. Over time, insulation will get packed down. When that happens, the insulation won't work as efficiently. Make sure your home is sealed up by making sure there is enough insulation.

4. Make It Humid

Humidity makes the air feel warmer, which is why we try to take the humidity out of the air during the summer. However, in the winter, we want to add humidity. While taking a shower, turn off the bathroom fan. Afterwards, leave the door open and let the humidity fill up the house. However, a professional HVAC company at the Lake of the Ozarks can add a humidifier to your home. 

5. Get Cooking

Cooking and baking are great ways to get the house nice and warm, plus it will smell good too! In the summer, it is best to do as much cooking outside as possible to keep the house cool. During the winter, do as much cooking and baking inside to get your home nice and toasty. 

6. Eat Warm Meals

There is nothing better than sitting down to a warm meal after a cold day. Just like you want to cool yourself down in the summer with ice water, in the winter, the best way to warm up is by eating hot food or drinking hot beverages. Hot cocoa or warm soup is the perfect way to get warmed up after a cold day.  

7.  Get Moving

Moving is the best way to stay warm. Do something active like clean the house or exercise. As long as your moving, your body temperature will raise. If you are into yoga, there are certain positions that are designed to raise your body temperature.

8. Put Down Rugs

If you have hardwood, tile or laminate flooring, having rugs can help you stay warm without blasting the heater. Rugs can help prevent cold air from slipping through the floorboards of hardwood. Plus, they are usually warmer to walk on than tile or hardwood.  

9. Reverse Ceiling Fan Direction

Ceiling fans going counter clockwise pushes air down and creates a draft. However, in the winter, they can also help make your home feel warmer. When the ceiling fan goes counter clockwise, it will push the cool air up and mix with the rising heat. Once the air mixes, it will spread out and down making the room feel warmer. 

10. Flip For Flannel

In the summer, you want to sleep with breathable cotton sheets. However, in the winter months, flannel sheets are the best way to go. Just like you would wear flannel while outside in the winter. Flannel sheets are great for trapping heat while you're sleeping. 

Keep Warm With Royal Heating & Air

Hopefully, with these tips, you can stay warm this season without blasting the heater. Not only can these tricks help keep you warm, they can also help ensure that your furnace gets a break. Constantly running your HVAC system may shorten its lifespan and may require more maintenance. However, if you allow your furnace to take some breaks, it could last longer. If you do need maintenance done on your unit, call Lake of the Ozarks' best HVAC repair company at  573-480-4313. 

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