Friday, May 20, 2022

Why Proactive Maintenance Will Keep You Cool All Summer Long

Air conditioners save us from the summer heat and keep us comfortable all season when they are working correctly. Just having it installed is not enough when prepping for summer, you should have a professional complete a few maintenance tasks to prolong the life of your AC. A professional HVAC tune-up at the Lake of the Ozarks is one of the safest ways to check whether your system is in good condition for summer.

Why Schedule an AC Tune-up?

During the warm seasons, there tends to be a lot of pollen and other particles in the air. All the tiny particles in the air can easily clog the air conditioner and dramatically reduce the efficiency of your AC. To prevent a clogged AC, it is important to schedule a summer tune-up for your air conditioner near Camdenton, MO. 

How Often Should the Air Conditioner Be Tuned Up?

Scheduling an HVAC Tune-Up once a year would prevent problems from arising, prolonging the life of your AC system. 

Replace the air filter as necessary, while checking it and cleaning it monthly.

What Does an HVAC Tune-Up Include? 

  • General Inspection
  • Cleaning & inspection of the AC filter
  • Cleaning out the condenser of the outdoor unit
  • Inspecting the evaporator coil, and cleaning it 
  • Inspecting the drainage system
  • Checking the wiring
  • Evaluating cycle 
  • Checking the power operation

Signs Your HVAC System Needs a Tune-Up for Summer 

  • Your air conditioner makes a strange noise 
  • The system is very loud when operating
  • The unit gets very hot
  • It smells when working 
  • Water is dripping from the unit

It Saves You Money 

AC repairs tend to be costly, so proactive tune-ups are imperative. It is better not to neglect issues, so it doesn’t get so bad that you need to buy a whole new AC system. The best way to prevent serious problems and save you money on AC repairs. If you keep close attention to your AC, or call your professional HVAC technician at the Lake of the Ozarks, you can save money long-term!

Air conditioning maintenance can be a complex process that encompasses several steps and should be performed safely by an HVAC professional at the Lake of the Ozarks. There is nothing worse than coming home to a home that is hotter than the air outside! A check-up and test will ensure everything is working properly and prolong the life of your AC systems. Do not wait until something goes wrong to call your AC technician at Lake of the Ozarks, MO. It is best to be proactive and get a summer tune-up to give your air conditioner a head start! An air conditioning tune-up saves you money by preventing breakdowns and repairs. Your best bet is always to call your Royal Heating and Air technician.

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Friday, May 13, 2022

Prepare Your Air Conditioner for Summer!

Whether you have a whole house or one room unit air conditioner, do not make it work harder than it needs to! Follow a few of these HVAC maintenance tips to keep your unit working efficiently to keep your home cool all season long! If you see any leaks or signs your AC unit has been compromised, call your HVAC professional near the Lake of the Ozarks!

Change Your Air Filter 

One of the least expensive and simple ways to keep your air conditioner going strong is changing the air filter when necessary.  Dust and debris naturally accumulates on the filter as it is filtering the air, so you should check the filter once a month to ensure your HVAC system is working efficiently.

Check Your Outside Unit  

The outside unit, the condenser, is exposed to nature’s elements and can get pretty dirty if you don’t regularly clean it. You should clear off debris such as tree twigs and leaves around or on the unit. Make sure to also wipe off dirt and dust from your unit. Also ensure it has at least two feet of space, free from debris and plants that can build up around the condenser so that it is not working harder than it needs to.

You can even vacuum the fins of your outdoor unit with a soft bristle brush.

The Coolant Lines

Make sure you also check your coolant lines that run the refrigerant from your indoor handler to the outside unit, to check for any leaks. The lines should be covered with foam insulation and perfectly intact to avoid leakage. 

Drain Lines

This is one of the most overlooked components of your HVAC system that can make or break your whole unit. An AC condensate drain line regulates the humidity when working properly. It keeps your home comfortable by pulling moisture out of the air. The extra moisture drips into the condensate pan and travels through the drain line and exits the system. Sometimes this drain line gets clogged and backed up, it can potentially cause mold and mildew issues. If this gets clogged, call your Lake of the Ozarks HVAC professional! 

What Should I Check Before Calling for HVAC Service?

• If your system makes any loud noises or has any odors, turn it off and call a professional.
• If the unit doesn’t have power, check to ensure that the breaker and the disconnect are turned on. After checking the power, if any part of the system isn’t turning on, turn everything off and call a professional.
• If the unit is leaking water, it either has a clogged drain or it could have frozen up and is now thawing. This could be due to low refrigerant. Please call a professional.

Royal Heat and Air Can Help!

Always check the owner’s manual for directions specific to your HVAC system at the Lake of the Ozarks. These tips will help your AC units run efficiently this summer, so you don’t come home to a hot house from a broken air conditioner. Always know, that your HVAC professional near Lake of the Ozarks is only one call away if you run into issues with your AC unit!

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Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Home Energy Saving Tips

Using less energy to do the same things is called energy efficiency. This reduces your home's energy waste and saves you money at the same time! To make a difference, it is more than simply using less energy, it is being aware of how energy is used and where it may be wasted. Here are some tips to help your home save energy! 

Change to LED Lightbulbs

Not only do these last longer, this type of light bulb is more energy efficient. LED blubs use 10 to 20 percent of the power required by incandescent bulbs.

Wash Laundry with Cold Water

Cold water is safe for most items! By opting for cold water rather than warm, you can reduce your energy costs with every load! It is estimated that 75 to 90 percent of the energy your washer uses is to heat the water.

Air Seal Your Home

It is crucial to seal cracks and add in insulation where it can let in drafts. Insulating your home can save you up to 10 percent on home heating/cooling costs. Nothing is worse than using your HVAC system and wasting its efforts and your money by allowing the air to leak out of your house!

Clean or Replace Filters

This part is key in keeping your home cool or warm! A dirty filter on your air conditioner or heater makes it hard for your unit to control the temperature of the room. Check this filter once a month and replace it as needed. 
You can also save money by reducing maintenance and repair costs with regular quality checks by your HVAC professional near Lake of the Ozarks.

Close Blinds, Shades, and Drapes During Summer

On the sunny side of your home, you can keep the air temperature cooler by restricting the sun’s rays from entering through the windows and working against your AC system. Open shades during winter to allow the sun to warm your home!

Defrost The Fridge and Freezer

It is common for ice to build up, causing the appliance to work harder and waste energy. To prevent this, defrost your appliance and save your home’s energy! It is also known that a full freezer or fridge allows for the fridge or freezer to optimally work!
Use Natural Light, when possible!

Replace Windows

Consider replacing your windows if you have the single-pane windows. Replace these with energy efficient windows or add in solar shades!

Appliance Placement

Avoid placing appliances that give off heat near a thermostat.

With these energy saving tips, you can save money by simply being energy efficient around your home. Your HVAC system at the Lake of the Ozarks uses a lot of energy to control the temperature of your home’s air. It is crucial to be proactive by cleaning the filter and getting your Lake of the Ozarks HVAC system routinely checked by a professional at Royal Heating and Air to keep it running efficiently. Now that you are aware of the multiple factors that can affect your energy usage, you can choose to lower the amount of energy you use around your home by making a few adjustments. What are your favorite energy saving hacks you apply to save energy at your home?

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Thursday, April 28, 2022

Benefits of Investing in a Backup Generator

In the occurrence of a blackout, it is safe to have a back up generator as your backup source of power for your home. Depending on the size of your home it is important to make sure you choose the generator that best fits your needs. There are plenty of options to choose from, so do your research and make sure this is the investment that has enough control to power your home. Different kinds of backup generators can be used to power certain areas of your home like your appliances or to power your entire home. There are plenty of benefits to invest in a backup generator, one of which can keep your Royal Heat and Air HVAC system running.

Portable Generators VS. Standby Generators

Portable generators are normally fueled by gasoline or propane. These kinds require that you plug it in where you need it to power and do not need a professional to install it. To store, it is best to keep it at least 10 feet away to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

Standby generators are also known as whole-house generators. At whole-house generator will automatically power your home when the power goes out. It will detect an outage and start up immediately without you having to plug it in. Standby generators are typically stored as an outside unit, similar to a HVAC system and initially require a professional installation.

Fast Acting

Backup generators can boot-up within a matter of seconds! Power outages can possibly last for several days if the utility company is also experiencing issues. It is nice to have the peace of mind that you have a backup source of power in these circumstances.

Preventing Costly Losses

Have you ever thought what you would do to save your food in your fridge or freezer if the electricity goes out? Refrigerators and freezers preserve your foods for long periods of time, except when the temperature drops from an electricity outage. Food can quickly spoil if not kept at these cold temperatures, leading to an expensive loss. Prevent even having to throw all of your food out with a back up generator that will keep your appliances going while you don’t have power.

Running Time

A standby generator can power as long as necessary and can be powered by natural gas or propane. Portable generators need to be refueled compared to a standby generator that doesn’t need refueling. A portable generator requires you have multiple generators depending on what appliances you need to keep powered.

Benefits of Protecting Your Home with a Backup Generator 

• During the bitter winter months, a backup power generator can prevent your pipes from freezing which can lead to bursting. 
• A backup generator can keep your heat or air conditioning systems running.
• Keeps your fridge and freezer on and prevents the waste of food.
• In the event of a natural disaster, a backup generator can keep your home running.

Hopefully, you understand the benefits of a backup generator and decide to invest in one. Your home has many appliances that require constant power to work, including heating and air conditioning systems. Make sure you choose a generator that can supply the proper amount of power to your HVAC system, fridge, freezer, or even your whole house.

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Thursday, April 21, 2022

Air Conditioner History

We often take air conditioning for granted, as AC is present in most buildings and homes these days. It is interesting to look at how this system became what it is today. Air conditioners were once very unaffordable for middle-class people and took up so much room, that the unit itself needed a room! Luckily, we are living in a time where getting an AC unit installed near Lake of the Ozarks is an easy phone call away! Let’s dive into a brief overview of the history behind how the air conditioner came about. 

In the 1940s a Florida doctor, John Gorrie was inventing a cooling remedy to help fight diseases as well as make people feel comfortable. He would take blocks of ice from frozen lakes and streams to cool down hospital rooms. This would quickly get exhausting and is not feasible long-term. He then began experimenting with refrigeration and attempted to build a machine that would make ice using wind-powered sails or steam.  A patent was granted in 1851 for his ice-making machine. John was never able to see his invention come to fruition in the marketplace, as his financial backer died. But he did lay the foundation for air conditioning, modern-day. 

When was it invented?

There was a humidity problem in a Brooklyn publishing company, that damaged the magazine pages from all of the moisture in the air. Willis Carrier, worked at the Buffalo Forge Company and was given the task of solving this problem. He used cooling coils to humidify the air or dehumidify the air, getting this patented as his “Apparatus for Treating Air.” To humidify the air, he would heat water or dehumidify it by cooling water. He tested his methods with trial and error, eventually perfecting the technology. After finally building a system that could regulate the air, he left Buffalo Forge and started his own company. The air conditioning invention date was 1902 and credited to Carrier.

The term, “air conditioning”

In 1906, Stuart Cramer, was the first to come up with the term “air conditioning.” The first unit to be used in residential homes was installed in 1914. This machine was huge, seven feet high, six feet wide and twenty feet long…almost needing a room for itself. The first air conditioners ran for $10,000 to $50,000 then, now it would be equivalent to $120,000- $600,000.

What followed?

Within two years after Carrier’s invention, in 1904, workers at St. Louis World’s Fair used mechanical refrigeration to cool parts of the Missouri State building that housed fair experiences. The Ac machine cooled 35,000 feet of air per minute and gave people a peek into what this could look like in their homes for comfort. In the same year, theatres started using heating and cooling systems to force air through the floor vents. This did not go well, as the lower areas were way too cold, and the upper area was left with very hot and muggy air.

The Furnace

Benjamin Franklin invented the cast Franklin stove in 1742, that later turned into a furnace. Most homes were heated by wood-burning stoves in 1885. In 1935, the first forced-air furnace was introduced and used an electric fan to circulate the coal-heated air through the ducts. Soon after, gas and oil-fired versions all followed.

Modern Air Conditioners

Since 1947, air conditioners became much more compact and affordable. 43,000 systems were in use by 1947. By the 60s, most homes in the U.S. were built with central air. The electric air conditioner window units were affordable and came down in price. 

Air conditioning keeps us cool and comfortable nowadays as well as saves lives. Between 1960 and 2004 heat-related deaths were 80 percent lower than in the previous 59 years. 

Royal Heat and Air are here for all your HVAC needs, we get it right the first time! We offer installations, troubleshooting, maintenance, repairs, and any other HVAC-related requests. We show up on time and we offer preventative maintenance, furnace, and air conditioning repair, as well as new furnace and air conditioning installations. We are affordable, reliable, and provide unparalleled service. Our team of experienced HVAC technicians can service, and repair all makes and models of air conditioning systems and heating systems at Lake of the Ozarks. We hope we are your first thought this summer when you break out the AC units! If there are any weird noises or if you are unsure about how you set it up for summer, we are only a quick phone call away!

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Thursday, April 14, 2022

Spring Air Conditioner Tune-Up Tips

There is nothing worse than coming home to a home that is hotter than the air outside! Do not wait until something goes wrong to call your AC technician at Lake of the Ozarks, MO. It is best to be proactive and get a spring tune-up to give your air conditioner a head start. A check-up and test will ensure everything is working properly and prolong the life of your AC systems.

An air conditioning tune-up saves you money by preventing breakdowns and repairs. Your best bet is to call your Royal Heating and Air technician or follow these tips to do it yourself.

Why is an Air Conditioner Tune-up Essential?

Just like any other machine, your AC system requires a similar service for it to run effectively. An annual tune-up is another essential thing you should put on your spring-cleaning checklist! Do not neglect your AC or you’ll eventually be left will a broken-down unit that is too far gone for any repairs. This would be an unfortunate situation in a hot summer month. Getting your air conditioning systems checked, allows for small issues to be addressed before much larger and more costly problems arise.

Utility bills also decrease when you keep your ac running efficiently. If the machine is not performing properly, it can waste energy and cause your bills to dramatically increase during the summer. Keeping on top of ac tune-ups will aid with extending the life of your air conditioner. Another benefit of a tune-up is that you’ll avoid costly replacements that are necessary before a complete breakdown. This will ensure your ac is running at maximum efficiency, saving you money on both power and future repairs. 

Differences Between a Tune-up and a Service Call

When calling to schedule a tune-up, people are often confused about what to ask for. An AC tune-up is performed proactively to ensure all the parts of your system are properly working. This is important to prevent a service call. A service call is when you’d call your technician if your system is completely broken. A service call is needed when you found there is already an existing problem that is affecting the ac system’s operation. The technician will diagnose and fix the issues. 

Summer is right around the corner, and it is time to get your air conditioner ready for the hot season! Here are some helpful tips:

Inspect the condenser coil: The condenser coil is a portion of the outdoor unit that removes heat from the refrigerant. Over time, dirt can build up on the surface which can hinder the coil from working properly. Eventually, this will cause the system to work harder than it was built to and will waste energy. Most coils can simply be rinsed off will a hose or power washer. 
Clean the Filter: This part is key in keeping your home cool! A dirty filter makes it hard for your unit to cool down the room. Check this filter once a month and replace it every three months. 
Clean the outside of the unit: Check that the outside of the unit is also clean from debris and dirt. Remove any leaves or other grimy objects that might have collected over the winter months. Follow up with spraying down with water for a final rinse.
Check the Refrigerant Levels: The levels need to be checked by a technician every year. This will ensure the levels aren’t too low and will prevent a leak or failure of the compressor. 

Schedule an AC Tune-up in Lake of the Ozarks, MO

Having a properly working air conditioning system can make all the difference in your home this summer. If you do not have a maintenance plan in place, now is a perfect time! Royal Heating and Air offer routine maintenance for air conditioning systems! Call today to schedule a technician for your air conditioning tune-up near Lake of the Ozarks, MO!

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Thursday, April 7, 2022

Simple Mistakes at the Lake that Could Ruin the Weekend!

Royal Heating & Air has been at the Lake of the Ozarks for nearly 11 years, installing and servicing your HVAC systems with pride and joy! As lake locals, we have a few tips to share to make sure you don't make a mistake that ruins your weekend at the Lake of the Ozarks. Keep reading to learn all about it!


Sunscreen is a super important thing to remember when you're visiting the Lake of the Ozarks. Even if you're not swimming in the lake, you're probably going to be spending a good amount of time outside in the sun. Make sure to choose a good sunscreen that is resistant to coming off from sweat or water and has an SPF of at least 50. (Pro Tip: Do not use banana-scented sunscreen if you're going to be on a boat. The smell will stick to the seats and attract critters like racoons that will tear up the seats looking for some tasty bananas!)


Don't forget to make sure you have enough water when you're at the Lake of the Ozarks. It can get pretty hot and humid in the summer, and you're going to need the extra hydration. Traveling is already dehydrating to your body. When you add hot weather, direct sun, alcohol, saltier food, swimming, and maybe even hiking to that, you could end up getting pretty dehydrated. You may even experience overheating if you're not careful. A great way to make sure you have water is to pack your food coolers with frozen bottles of water. That way your lunch and snacks stay cold, and you'll have cold water to drink later in the day when your water bottle runs dry. 

Hats & Sunglasses... More Than One! 

Countless people lose their hats and their sunglasses when they're out on the water. Maybe the wind catches them just right or you accidentally drop them overboard. Whatever the reason, you're going to want to have some backups to protect your eyes from the sun glaring off the water. Pack a couple of cheap extras just in case!

Boater's License

In that state of Missouri, if you were born after January 1st of 1984, you must have a boater's license to operate watercraft. If you don't already have yours, then you can study for and take the test with Missouri's Official Online Boating Safety Course. Be sure to follow the rules of he water and stay safe out there! 


Sometimes it's easy to get stuck in a rut, always going the same places and ordering the same things. At the Lake of the Ozarks, there are so many things to explore! Don't get bored doing and eating the same things over and over. Check out the Lake of the Ozarks Convention and Visitor Bureau website to find new activities and places to explore! 

Get the Lake House Ready

One big mistake a lot of people make is not getting their lake house ready for summer. They come down ready to have a great time only to find that the house needs a lot of attention first. That's precious lake time being wasted! Instead of using part of your weekend to clean and prep the house, get experts to come take care of it for you NOW before the season even starts! You can find great cleaning companies, pest control services, and lawncare companies to make sure the house is all tidied up and clean before you even get there. Don't forget to schedule your favorite HVAC technicians! Royal Heating & Air can come out and inspect your HVAC system to make sure everything is working the way it should so you can enjoy a worry-free summer at the lake. Call today! 

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