Monday, November 21, 2016

Get Your Home Ready For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is coming up quickly and many people are getting their homes ready for company. If you are expecting people, there are a few things that you are probably doing to get ready, such as cooking a delicious turkey dinner and making room for all of your guests. However, it is important to remember your HVAC unit during this time, as you want to make sure that your home is warm and inviting now that the weather is getting colder. The best heating and cooling company at the Lake of the Ozarks offers three tips to make sure your house stays cozy this Thanksgiving. 

1. Keep Cool While Cooking

Thanksgiving is a day all about being thankful for what we have and eating a lot of turkey. If you are having guests over, you may be planning on a full day of cooking. When cooking for long periods of time, you can use fans to evenly distribute the air throughout the house. In addition, you can take advantage of the heat from your stove and oven and turn the thermostat down a couple of degrees.

2. Control The Temperature

When setting the thermostat for the day, consider all of the day's activities. How many people will be joining you and your family for dinner? If you are expecting a lot of company, it may be wise to set the thermostat at a lower temperature. Not only will it help your utility bill, but it will also make your guests feel more comfortable. 

3. Don't Block Vents

If you are needing to make room for all of your guests, you may be moving furniture around. It is important to remember not to block the vent while rearranging your living space. If the vents are blocked, your furnace will have to work harder to keep your house at a comfortable level. 

Keep Warm This Holiday Season

Royal Heating & Air wants to wish you and your family a happy Thanksgiving. At Lake of the Ozarks best heating and cooling company, we are thankful for all of our friends, family and clients. If your house is feeling a bit chilly this season, call a professional HVAC company at the Lake of the Ozarks. Whether you need your unit to be serviced, repaired or replaced, Royal Heating & Air is here for you. To schedule your appointment, call 573-480-4313. 

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