Thursday, December 15, 2016

Why Is The Furnace Not Turning On?

We are officially in the cool season and many of us are constantly running our furnaces. When your home starts to feel a little chilly and you expect the furnace to kick on and it doesn't, it may be a bit concerning. Your Lake of the Ozarks heating and cooling company is here to help you if you find that your furnace isn't turning on. Here are five troubleshooting tips to get your house warm again. Just remember, Royal Heating & Air is here to help with all your heating and cooling needs, and we even offer 24/7 emergency service! 

1. Check The Thermostat

The thermostat should be one of the first things you check if your furnace doesn't kick on. Make sure that it is set to "heat" rather than "cool" and that it's set to a higher temperature than the room temperature. If you have a programmable thermostat, make sure that the time and date are correct, as well as the a.m. and p.m. settings. Make sure the batteries are working and that it is firmly attached to the wall. 

2. Switches & Breakers

Sometimes, all your furnace needs to do in order for it to start working again is for it to be turned on. All furnaces, no matter the age or manufacturer, have a switch that turns it on and off, and it could have accidentally been switched off. If that is not the issue, check the circuit breaker or fuse box to make sure everything is switched on and functioning. In addition, make sure that the front panel covering the blower motor is securely fastened - there's a push-in switch under it that must be fully depressed for the furnace to operate. 

3. Change The Filters

Dirty filters are the most common cause of furnace issues. Dust and dirt restrict airflow, and if the filter gets too clogged, the heat exchanger will overheat and shut off too quickly, which results in your house not warming up. It is important to make sure to regularly check the filter and replace as necessary. A clean filter is vital, as it reduces the efficiency of the furnace and shortens its life. 

4. Check The Pilot Light

Check to make sure that the pilot light is lit. If gas or propane flow to the pilot light is interrupted, even for a moment, the light can go out and will need to be re-lit.  It's also important to make sure your gas is on. Just like the switches, someone may have turned off the gas valve and forgot to turn it back on. The easiest way to check to see if the gas supply is on is to check another gas appliance in your house, such as your stove. If you have no gas, call the gas company or fill your propane tank. 

5. Look For Blocked or Leaky Ducts

Blocked or leaky ducts can restrict airflow and make your furnace work harder than it needs to heat up your home and in some cases, your home will still feel chilly. Make sure the registers are open and clean. Afterward, check the ducts and ensure there are no leaks.

At Royal Heating & Air, we want to make sure you and your family stays warm this holiday season. If your furnace is not working properly, call us at 573-480-4313. We offer free estimates and 24/7 emergency service. 

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