Thursday, April 6, 2017

What You Need To Know About Zoned HVAC Systems

Imagine if all the lights in your home were wired to a single light switch. You would have them turned off while you're asleep or away, but when you were home, every single light would be on in the house. That would be a huge waste of energy and the light bulbs would wear out and need to be replaced quickly. This is exactly how many homes are heated and cooled. Every room, whether they're being used or not, is heated or cooled equally. That of course, is unless your home is zoned. Royal Heating & Air takes a look at everything you need to know about zoned HVAC systems.

What Is Zoning?

Zoned HVAC systems allow the home to be divided into two or more separate zones. They allow the homeowner more control over the heating and cooling system and provide individual control of temperatures in each zone. For an example, you can keep the temperature lower in the kitchen and higher in the bedrooms. Typically, the home is divided into zones that have similar heating and cooling needs. Zoning doesn't affect the efficiency of an HVAC system, however, it does make the most efficient use of the system. On average, zoned systems could save homeowners up to 30 percent off their heating and cooling expenses. 

Benefits Of Zoned HVAC

In addition to lower energy costs, there are a couple other benefits homeowners can enjoy when they have their HVAC system zoned. 

Enhanced Comfort

When a home only has one thermostat, the temperatures in different rooms cannot be controlled separately. Often, a multi-level home has temperatures that not only vary from room to room, but also from level to level. There are many factors that affect a home's indoor temperature, such as shading, wind chill, high or cathedral ceilings, appliances and cooking. Zoning can help solve these problems by allowing each zone's thermostat to individually demand heating or cooling. The overall comfort of your home can be improved with zone thermostats reacting to individual changes in each room. 

Modern Convenience

Zoned systems offer the convenience of modern living. They can be set in one room without having to walk to another area of the house to change the temperature. In addition, you can also have a wall-mounted thermostat or a convenient remote for temperature control, fan speed control and even humidity control.

When Does Zoning Benefit A Home?

Many homes can benefit from installing an HVAC zoning system, but some homes that feature certain architectural features often see the biggest benefits. Some of these features include:

- High or cathedral ceilings
- Above garage room
- Many large windows
- Basement or attic living spaces
- Multi-level homes

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