Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Natural Ways To Reduce Humidity In Your Home

Summer is just around the corner and you may already be feeling some of the effects. One of those may be the increase in humidity. With the warm weather we are getting here at the Lake, plus the recent storms, the humidity levels are inching up, and they will only continue to increase. If your home is feeling a bit muggy, Royal Heating & Air has a few tips to help you feel more comfortable.

Why Humidity Is Bad For Your Home

Your home's humidity levels should be around 30 - 50 percent for optimum comfort. When the humidity in your home begins to increase, it starts to get uncomfortable and things can begin to happen in your home.

- Your hair begins to frizz, which isn't a huge deal, but it can become hard to manage.

- Your home will feel hotter. Even when you have your AC set to a comfortable level, when your home has too much moisture, it won't feel that way.

- In addition to your home feeling hot, it will also feel wet. Your sweat won't be able to cool you off because it won't be able to evaporate.

- You may experience sleep problems.

- Mold spores will begin to grow and spread, which could cause health issues.

- Wood will begin to swell and doors can become stuck.

- Your pets will begin to smell. While this isn't a huge deal, nobody wants a stinky pet, especially when it can be prevented!

- Rust and oxidation can occur and when the humidity is high it can speed up the process.

How To Get Rid Of Humidity

- Ventilate. Ventilation in your home will increase the air flow, which can reduce the humidity levels.

- Fix leaky pipes. Check the pipes in your home and fix any leaky ones you may find. In addition, it's also best to remove any condensation from hot or cold pipes with insulation.

- Use fans. Fans will help get the air moving in your home and help with evaporation.

- Change the air filter regularly. When your air filter is dirty, it slows down the air flow in your home, which could result in your home's humidity levels rising.

- Take shorter showers. Long hot showers produce extra steam, which increases the humidity.

- Install a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier offers soothing relief from high humidity and cooling costs. It draws excess moisture from your home's indoor air and lets you feel comfortable without over-cooling your home.

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