Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Determining the Best AC Unit for Your Home's Needs

When choosing an AC unit, you have several different options to weigh. From a whole-home cooling system to ductless systems, each type addresses different needs in your home. Royal Heating & Air is here to help educate you on these systems. Keep reading to learn about the differences in systems to determine which is right for your needs.

Air Conditioners

Likely the most commonly used cooling systems for residential properties would be your typical whole-home air conditioner. This uses your homes duct system to cool the entire home. Heat is transferred outside using indoor cooling coil components, refrigerant lines, an exterior condenser, fans and other equipment. Our Lake of the Ozarks AC company installs Bryant heating and cooling systems. All of their products give you economical performance, comfort and value. When looking at AC units, those with high SEER ratings can help keep your cooling bills under control.

Heat Pumps 

Another option for cooling your home is a heat pump. Heat pumps remove heat from your home and are also a whole-home solution. Heat is extracted from inside your home and transferred outside. This allows cooler air to be delivered back into your living areas. Heat pumps have both an exterior unit and an indoor air handler. The Bryant Evolution System heat pump offers their highest efficiency performance and most comfort options. Heat pumps are one of the best AC options for a home when energy costs are concerned. They are highly efficient and use very little electricity to produce a high cooling output.

Ductless Air Conditioners 

If you're looking to just cool a specific area of your home, a ductless air conditioner is a great option. These also work great if you don't have any existing ductwork and you don't want to install any. Ductless air conditioners are individual-zone solutions that deliver cooling to just the area in which they are installed.  They are perfect for room additions or anywhere that ductwork is a challenge. Bryant offers single and multi-zone styles that can be installed high on the wall, in the ceiling or near the floor. Individual air handlers are installed in a space and connected to a heat pump or air conditioner exterior unit. Single outdoor units can support multiple air handlers throughout your home depending on the system's configuration.

Working with a professional HVAC company at the Lake of the Ozarks is the best way to determine what type of system is best for your needs. We can recommend products and back them up with our professional and personal service.

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