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Top Summer HVAC Emergencies – When to Call a Professional

HVAC emergencies can be extremely frustrating and will most likely require a professional HVAC company to resolve the issue.  In the heat of summer, an emergency with your HVAC system could really become an issue if you do not seek out professional help!   If you notice your unit isn't working properly, see if it could be one of these common summertime emergencies provided by the best HVAC company at the Lake of the Ozarks.   Royal Heating & Air can help with any HVAC emergency that may arise, no matter what time of year!  If you have attempted to fix the problem yourself, and your unit still is not working properly, give us a call.  The best HVAC company at the Lake of the Ozarks has a list of top summer HVAC emergencies we handle at Royal Heating & Air.

Do You Need Emergency HVAC Repair?

When it comes to home appliance repair, some things can wait while others cannot.  In the heat of the summer, we’re sure you recognize the importance of having a working HVAC system.  Your HVAC system is among the most integral and essential appliances in your home, and oftentimes, it’s the one that goes most un-noticed unless there is an issue.  The house is comfortable, so it may feel as if your HVAC unit does not even exist.  Until there’s an issue – and then it does.  There are a few things that most home-owners will try, to avoid the overwhelming thought of emergency HVAC repair.  More often than not, homeowners will play with the thermostat, and possibly check their air filters.  This is usually the extent of what an average homeowner knows to do.  When this fails to work, it is very likely that there is an HVAC emergency and repair or replacement will be needed.  Below are some common HVAC emergencies that could be especially frustrating during the summer months, and that Royal Heating & Air is equipped and ready to handle.

Outdoor Unit Will Not Turn On

Many people call because they notice that their home not cooling properly.  After inspection, they realize the outdoor unit won't turn on.  There are a few troubleshooting options to try before calling a professional on this HVAC emergency.  Make sure your thermostat is working properly, double check to make sure the switch is turned on and that your breakers are all on. If you have tried all of those and still no luck, it is time for a call.

Coils Are Frozen

Make sure to turn off your unit at the first sign of frozen coils.  Running your unit with frozen coils could end up causing more damage in the long run.  One of the most common causes for your unit to freeze up is running the unit at too low of a temperature.  If that was not the cause, it could mean damage elsewhere in the unit.  Always call a professional to ensure the problem is fixed properly and further damage doesn't develop.

Condensate Line is Clogged

A sign of a clogged condensate line is a leak.  Many people do not realize they have a problem until they notice water coming from their unit.  Lines can become clogged periodically and need regular maintenance to ensure they are clear from debris.  Once a leak occurs, the damage from water can become costly quick.  Make sure your unit is ready for summer by getting your spring maintenance check, to prevent an emergency such as this.

Outdoor Unit is Frozen

Units will typically develop some frozen water, but for an entire unit to be covered is not normal.  Typically, this means the unit has an issue with its defrost cycle and a call to a professional needs to be made.  It is always a good idea to let a professional examine your unit to make sure the unit is operating properly after it freezes up.  Sometimes this issue can mean other items are wrong within the unit.

Strange, Loud Noises

Older units can make loud noises indicating the unit is aging.  An AC unit that is constantly blowing air is another sign that the unit is reaching the end of its life cycle.  If you notice your AC unit is continually blowing air, or that the air it is blowing is not cold air, you should have your unit looked at by a professional HVAC company.  Your technician can help indicate how serious the issue is and if your unit should be repaired or replaced.

Call Royal Heating & Air With Your HVAC Emergencies

When your HVAC system stops working, it is not only a hassle, it is a real emergency and you could be faced with a really important decision.  HVAC provides a comfortable environment for your home, your family, and your workplace.  It can be a major contributor to the quality of the air you breathe, and it determines your electric bills.  When your system goes down, you may find yourself trying to make a very important decision about whether to repair or replace your unit.  When your system goes down in the heat of summer or in another emergency situation, you need as much help and information as possible to make those important decisions surrounding your HVAC unit.  What is the best way to determine if emergency repairs or replacements are necessary?  Call your trusted professional HVAC Company at the Lake of the Ozarks.  From preventative maintenance to complete system installations, Royal Heating & Air can provide you with affordable, dependable, trustworthy service.  If you fear you may have an HVAC emergency this summer, don’t hesitate to call best HVAC company at the Lake of the Ozarks to set up an appointment.  Royal Heating & Air services all makes and models, and offers Bryant Heating and Cooling Systems.

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