Friday, April 17, 2020

Allergens, Mold, and Germs - Oh My!

Allergy season is in full swing! And with all the additional germs floating around, it's important to do everything you can to promote a clean and healthy environment at home. Royal Heating & Air is the best HVAC Company at the Lake of the Ozarks, and we have several years of experience with indoor air quality. There are a lot of ways to help keep the air clean and fresh during this season. Read on to learn how to keep allergens, mold, and germs at bay!


When you suffer from allergies and asthma, spring can be a particularly frustrating season. As plants and flowers bloom, they release a significant amount of pollen into the air. This pollen can cause allergic reactions like itchy and watery eyes, runny nose, and headache.

Other allergens that could cause issues include dust and the accompanying dust mites. Dust causes inflammation in the respiratory system and can produce the same allergic reactions people get from pollen. Dust mites are tiny organisms that thrive in the dust in your home. They are living things that produce droppings, which can accumulate on the surfaces in your home.

Large amounts of pollen, dust, and dust mites inside the home can cause respiratory issues, even for people without allergies. If your body is dealing with inflammation and consistently trying to clear out allergens from your system, it could have a harder time fighting off other things trying to attack your system.

To help prevent accumulated allergens in the home, change the filters in your HVAC system regularly and make sure to clean the air ducts and units often. Call Royal Heating & Air to schedule a maintenance check for your HVAC system.


Another source of respiratory concern is mold. Mold is not just something that grows on the forgotten vegetables in the back of your fridge. Environmental mold is present it very high quantities in Missouri, and can quickly find its way into your home. Mold can also grow from too much moisture in the home.

A great way to help prevent mold from growing due to extra moisture in your home, it can be a good idea to install and use a dehumidifier. This will reduce the moisture in your home during the humidity of spring and summer and help prevent mold growth.


There are a lot of germs floating around right now that could seriously threaten your health. Whether it's hitching a ride on the bottoms of your shoes, or riding in on your mail, germs could be getting into your home more easily than you realize.

Royal Heating & Air can install HVAC Ultra Violet Light Systems to help kill germs and improve air quality. UV light rays kill bacteria and viruses so they can't continue to grow and infect the house. Instead of using harsh chemicals in the air, you can utilize a UV light system to destroy pathogens in the air in your home. Because the light remains on 24/7, it is working to improve the air quality in your home at all times.

Cleaner Air with Royal Heating & Air

If you are serious about improving the air quality in your home, regularly change the air filters in your home, use a dehumidifier during the summer season, and install an HVAC UV light system. Give the best HVAC company at the Lake of the Ozarks a call at 573-480-4313 to learn more about how we can help and make an appointment for installation!

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