Thursday, July 30, 2020

Building a Home? Custom Ductwork is a Must!

You know you want your new home to have wood floors, vaulted ceilings, and a large kitchen island. But what about the HVAC system? While HVAC might not be an exciting feature to dream about, it's important to consider how well it is being built from the start.

Royal Heating and Air is the best HVAC company at the Lake of the Ozarks, so we know how important good HVAC is in a new home. One of the best solutions is designing custom ductwork for the new house. There are a lot of incredible benefits to custom ductwork that you can enjoy long after the last wall is painted and the last picture hung. Keep reading to learn more!

No Wasted Space!

With a lot of traditional ductwork, standardized pieces are used to build the system throughout your home. However, this can often lead to the ducts being longer in places where the path could have been more direct. These standard pieces are also prone to leaks because of the way they fit together. At Royal Heating & Air, we enjoy working with you to provide custom ductwork that works with the flow of your home, rather than against it.

Optimized Materials

When you choose custom ductwork, you can ensure the best quality products are being used in your space. Each space is unique and has different obstacles for air flow. The right metal products and other custom pieces can help ensure you are getting the best possible product for your new construction.

Better Efficiency

Air ducts that are pieced together can cause issues with your HVAC system. Without proper airflow available, you may be limiting the level of efficiency at which your home or business system can run. This will make your system have to work harder, which could put a strain on it that leads to sooner and more costly repairs. Enhance the efficiency of your air flow with custom ductwork from Royal Heating & Air!

More Consistent Temperature

With proper air flow and better air efficiency, you can expect the temperature throughout your home to be more reliable. No more hot or cold spots throughout the house! When your ductwork is optimized, the HVAC system can more easily keep the whole house at a consistent temperature.

Best HVAC at the Lake

When you get started building the home of your dreams, make sure the HVAC is going to keep you happy and comfortable year-round by working with our team of experts at Royal Heating & Air. We can create custom ductwork to improve the home's efficiency and comfort and install the best heating and cooling systems at the Lake of the Ozarks. We look forward to helping you!

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