Friday, August 20, 2021

A Day in the Life of an HVAC Technician

When it comes to working as an HVAC technician at theLake of the Ozarks, one thing is for certain, every day is different.  But each day is likely to bring a combination of at least 3 things … working with your hands, working with people, and plenty of problem solving.  

Working with your Hands

Whether on a service call to figure out why someone’s air conditioner is not working, installing a new system, or doing a preventative maintenance check, the service technician will be removing access panels, examining the parts and pieces of the system, cleaning components, and looking for anything unusual.  They may find that the outside condenser coils are coated with debris, and if so, will need to remove the top cover and use low pressure water to spray the unit from the inside out.  The inside unit also has coils that may need to be cleaned.  They may be arriving at a house that has water leaking from the HVAC unit and damaging the home.  That may be something as simple as blowing out a clog in the drain line, or it may require checking/correcting the level of refrigerant in the system.  All in the same day an HVAC tech may learn and use plumbing skills, electrical skills, mechanical skills, carpentry skills, and much more.

Working with People

Our clients are why we are in business.  We are their trusted partner when it comes to maintaining, servicing, repairing or replacing an HVAC system at the Lake of the Ozarks.  So, every day will involve working with and helping the people we serve – sometimes in the midst of a stressful situation.  Most people are not very familiar with how their HVAC system works, they just know they want to be comfortable in their own homes.  A technician at Royal Heating and Air is trained to know and be able to explain how the system works or why it isn’t to a customer in language they can relate to.  They will also offer options for solutions, always trying to repair before replacing and showing respect for the client’s budget.

Problem Solving

Sometimes we think our technicians should wear capes.  Each day they go out and help diagnose and SOLVE problems for our customers.  Sometimes they are easy problems, sometimes they are complicated.  But our team members will not be satisfied until they have figured out what the issue is and provide a workable solution for the client.  It is not unusual for an employee to start with Royal Heating and Air with no prior HVAC experience, which can be a bonus for both the employee and the company.  The employee receives free on the job training while earning a great paycheck and learns how and what to do at Royal’s high standards of expectations.  The skills that are utilized to help our customers each day, translate into life skills that will be valuable in any setting.

Royal Heating and Air is always interested in meeting someone who is thinking about a career in the HVAC Industry, and right now we are actively seeking someone to add to our crew.  If you enjoy working with your hands, working with people, and using critical thinking skills, you may be perfectly suited for our team!  You could learn a trade without going into student debt, while getting started in the job market, and develop skills that will apply for the rest of your life!  Call today to find out more.

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