Friday, November 9, 2018

Traveling For The Holidays? Here Are Reasons To Leave Your Heat On While You Are Gone!

The holidays are quickly approaching, which means traveling to visit family is a must.  If you find yourself leaving your home for days at a time, make sure your home is in order for your trip.  One way to prevent damage to your home while you are away is to leave your heat on while gone.  Turning off your heat may seem like it would save money and prevent issues from arising while you are gone, however, it is the exact opposite.  Royal Heating & Air has a few reasons why you should leave your heat on while traveling this holiday season. 

Reasons To Leave Your Heat On When Traveling

Prevent Pipes From Freezing

Cooler weather is hard on the pipes in your home.  Keeping your heat on will help keep the pipes in your home running efficiently.  If your pipes become frozen with the cool winter air, and then thaw when the temperatures rise, it will cause the pipes to break.  If this happens while you are gone, your home is at risk for flooding.  This will become an extremely costly repair on your home, and can be prevented by leaving the heat on.  Leaving the heat between 50-55 degrees helps keep the home warm enough to prevent freezing pipes while you are away.

Leaving The Heat On Will Not Break The Bank

Saving money around the holidays is a goal for many people. One common way to save money is by lowering your heating costs.  When traveling, you may think turning off your heat will save you a ton of money.  However, turning off your heat completely will make your unit work harder when you turn it back on.  It will take more energy and money to get the house back at a comfortable temperature than if you would have just lowered while you are away.  The lower temperature will keep your unit from turning on constantly, which will keep costs low.  It will also make it easier to get the home back to a comfortable temperature once you return.

Prevent Appliances From Freezing

Many appliances use water, from your washing machine, refrigerator to your dishwasher. If you choose to turn off your heat when traveling this winter, your appliances may be at risk.  In the winter the temperatures can quickly dip below freezing becoming hard on water lines.  The water lines in these units may freeze.  Keeping your heat on will ensure a steady heat source to protect your appliances while you are away. Keeping your heat on a steady lower temperature will keep your costs down all while saving you from a potential headache when you return.  Appliances are costly, so save money this holiday season by leaving your heat set to a low temperature to make sure your appliances are running when you return home. 

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