Friday, November 30, 2018

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose A Bryant HVAC Unit!

Whether you are buying a new home, have a new construction project or simply need to upgrade, you should choose Bryant HVAC products.  As your professional heating and cooling company at Lake of the Ozarks, we know the importance of using products that will work efficiently and hold their value. Our company is confident every time we install a Bryant product that we are giving our clients a great product. Here are a few reasons from the best HVAC repair and maintenance company at the Lake of the Ozarks why our HVAC products are the best choice when you are ready to upgrade or install new.  

1. Why should I choose Bryant?

Bryant products have been in the industry since 1904, providing a proven track record as a dependable product. Bryant has a motto, "Whatever It Takes" and they have run their business staying true to their motto. As a business that uses Bryant products, we know this product line will stand the test of time.  Their longevity in the industry has a proven track record that we know we can trust. 

2. How many HVAC options do I have when choosing Bryant?

As a Bryant dealer, we have many options to choose from when finding the right product for our clients. They have options from Standard Heating & Cooling Systems, Dual Fuel Systems, Split Systems, Geothermal Systems, Packaged Systems, Ductless Systems, The Evolution System, and everything in between. You can be confident that we will find the right product for your needs and price point. Don't worry you don't have to be an expert to decide which product to choose, we will tell you what your best options are throughout the process.   

3. What is the life expectancy of a Bryant unit?

Bryant units have a longer life expectancy than other HVAC products. It is one of the most dependable heating and cooling units you can buy, which is why we stand behind this product. The life expectancy of a unit will vary depending on how the unit is maintained. For a list of ways to care for your unit to increase the life expectancy, give us a call.

4. Does my HVAC unit affect my resell value of my property?

Absolutely! When looking for a home or commercial property, prospective buyers will look at the current HVAC system. They will look at the quality of the HVAC system and how much it would cost them to operate it, which includes energy bills and cost of repairs/maintenance. Buyers could look at older systems as something that will need to eventually be upgraded, which means more money out of their pocket. A quality HVAC system like Bryant will give prospective buyers peace of mind knowing they are buying a property with a top of the line HVAC system. 

5. Does Bryant offer a warranty?

All Bryant products come with a dependable warranty coverage to protect your investment. Each specific model and product offer a different warranty, and we can go over the specific warranty details before you purchase your next unit. Many of the products come with a standard 5-year warranty and some offer a 10-year standard parts limited warranty. All Bryant products must be registered within 90 days to be able to take advantage of the warranty benefits. We are happy to help with any warranty questions you may have.  

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