Monday, February 3, 2020

Protect the AC Unit From the Winter with These Tips!

We are in the middle of the winter and the weather is determined to make sure we know it. With all this snow and ice coming through each week, what does it mean for your AC unit? Is all the snow bad for it? Should it be covered? Royal Heating and Air is the best HVAC company at the Lake of the Ozarks and we are here to help answer all your questions about how to keep your AC unit safe this winter. Read on to learn more!

Covering the AC Unit 

Your Air Conditioning unit is not being used right now with all the cold weather. While it's taking a break this winter, should it be covered? There are several pros to covering the AC unit this winter. (Note: This does not apply to heat pumps.)

First, it can protect the unit from any falling debris, like heavy snow, broken tree limbs and twigs, icicles breaking off the side of your house. These falling projectiles could cause some damage to your AC unit on impact, so covering the unit could help protect minimize the impact.

Also, covering your unit helps prevent water from getting into the unit and then freezing when the temperature drops. If this happens to often, it can cause damage to the coils on your unit and require expensive repairs.

Keeping Your AC Unit Free 

There are also a few cons to covering the AC unit, however, and your circumstances could mean that it's a good idea to leave it as is.

Covering the unit protects it from accumulating water that could freeze and expand, but covering could allow moisture to build up in the enclosed space on warmer days and cause it to grow mold and mildew. 

The cover for your AC unit could also serve as a cover for pests. They may see it as a shelter and make their home by your AC unit. This could lead to contamination with droppings and damage to the unit from chewing rodents.

Regularly Check the Unit 

Whether you decide to cover the unit or leave it free, it's important to regularly venture out and make sure everything is okay. If you decided to go with a cover, make sure there aren't any tears in the cover, any rodents living underneath, or any mold and mildew growing between the unit and cover. If you decide to leave the unit open to the air, make sure snow is not accumulating on top in large amounts, keep the sides free from fallen branches and leaves, and make sure the gutters above the unit are intact and not leaking water directing on the unit. 

Schedule Regular Check-Ups

Even though you aren't currently using your air conditioning unit, you don't want to wait until the middle of a hot day to find out there is an issue. Call the best HVAC company at the Lake of the Ozarks - Royal Heating & Air, and we will come out to do an inspection on the AC unit to make sure frozen water hasn't burst the pipes/coils. As the spring starts to near in the next few weeks, it becomes even more important to make sure the unit is working properly.

HVAC at the Lake of the Ozarks 

Royal Heating & Air can help protect your AC or furnace this season! Call the best heating and cooling company at the Lake of the Ozarks to ensure your AC is protected this winter so it is ready to work hard next summer. You can count on Royal Heating & Air to make sure your AC unit is ready when you need it. Call 573-480-4313 to schedule an appointment today!

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