Friday, January 24, 2020

Enjoy Cleaner Air with HVAC UV Lights!

Indoor air quality is a hot topic these days. There are a lot of simple ways to help improve the air quality in your home a little, like getting air purifying plants, changing the filter regularly, keeping floors and upholstery clean... But have you ever thought about installing a UV light system in your HVAC? Royal Heating and Air believes this is one of the most effective ways to remove harmful substances from the air in your home. As the best heating and cooling company at the Lake of the Ozarks, we know the ins and outs of HVAC systems at the Lake. Read on to learn more about UV light systems and why they could be the perfect solution for your lake house! 

What is UV Light? 

UV light, or ultraviolet light, is not visible to the human eye. You are likely very familiar with the effects of UV light from the sun when you get a sunburn in the summer. This electromagnetic radiation has enough energy to break chemical bonds, which is why it is good for killing bacteria and other harmful substances. This is also why it's important to wear sunscreen and sunglasses when you're out in direct sunlight. 

How Does it Work? 

The UV light rays deactivate bacteria and viruses so that they are no longer able to multiply. That is why this is such an efficient, clean way to improve the air quality in your home. Rather than adding chemicals to the air like other cleaning methods, the UV light destroys any pathogens that it comes into contact with. Because the light remains on 24/7, the air quality in your home is protected at all times. The UV light system is so effective, that some users noticed almost immediately when the light burnt out as the air became less clean.

What are the Benefits?

There are several benefits to having a UV light system installed in your HVAC. Most importantly, it helps increase the air quality in your home. There are a few other great benefits, however. Read on to learn more!

1) Smells

Not only does the UV light reduce the number of bacteria in the air, but it also reduces smells and odors. As bacteria, viruses, and even mold grows in your HVAC system, it can start to smell bad. Think about the moldy food you found in the back of the refrigerator... gross. Having UV light working for you to keep the air ducts free from contaminants can help improve the smell in your home. 

2) Allergens

If someone in your household suffers from allergies or asthma, air quality is extremely important to their quality of life. A UV light system can significantly help with this issue by eradicating common allergens in the duct work. You will notice that it feels easier to breathe and your lungs are less constricted than before.

3) Sickness

Are your family members sick all the time? It may be due to a medical condition, but it also could be because of a buildup of bacteria, viruses, and mold in your duct work. Breathing these pathogens in every day is harmful to anyone's health. Your body may get tired of fighting off so many potential illness and infections and become more vulnerable. One sleepless night or one stressful day could be all it takes for your immune system to be overloaded and no longer able to keep up. A UV light system can remove these harmful materials from your air ducts and ease the burden on your body to constantly fight off germs in the air. 

Cleaner Air with Royal Heating & Air

If you are serious about improving the air quality in your home, talk to us about installing UV lights in your duct work. By decreasing the bacteria present in your air ducts, we are able to improve the air quality in your home!  This can reduce the chances of you or your family getting sick, reduce bad odors in your home, and help improve your respiratory health. This UV light treatment is especially effective at the Lake of the Ozarks due to our humid summer climate. Give the best HVAC company at the Lake of the Ozarks a call at 573-480-4313 to learn more or make an appointment for installation!

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