Friday, April 9, 2021

Royal Heating and Air - A Family Owned Business

Royal Heating and Air was started by Tommy and Katie Royal in 2011 as a modest company based in their garage with no other employees and one service van.  Tommy had his first job in HVAC right out of high school, and then went to school to master the trade.  Katie was still in college when they started Royal Heating and Air.  She took care of the books and business startup/organization from her college apartment, while Tommy took care of running the business at home.  It was their goal from the very beginning to bring truthful, trustworthy service to the lake area, and to be a company that truly cared about their customers. 

With that mindset, the company started to grow rapidly and never stopped.  Today, Royal Heating and Air has 5 vans, 5 crew members plus Katie, and a commercial location in Camdenton.  Tommy and Katie also started a family and welcomed 2 beautiful children into world during that time.  Katie has been and continues to be very involved in the community as a member of Young Professionals at the Lake, and Kiwanis.  As a member of Kiwanis, Katie has volunteered countless hours to important local events including the Duck Drop and Christmas for Kids.  Royal Heating and Air has also been a faithful member of a local chapter of Business Networking International which works to promote and generate referrals for other lake area businesses.

When you meet Tommy and Katie and the crew, you can instantly feel that they are a close knit and friendly bunch.  It is noticeable that Tommy and Katie care about their employees and treat them more like family.  The crew seems to pay that forward in the way they conduct themselves and treat their clients.  They really stand out in how professional, personable, respectful, and helpful they are with everyone they deal with.  Katie is quite confident that her guys are the best crew at the lake!

Royal Heating and Air is also outstanding in the way they are so straightforward with their clients. They have no interest in trying to sell you something you don’t need or mislead you into thinking you have to have a whole new system.  Tommy and the crew work hard to find a way to repair rather than replace.  Only when your system gets to the age or point that it becomes unreliable, do they recommend a change out.  When that time comes, they can not only take care of the change out to a new HVAC system, they can even give you information on how to finance your new HVAC system as well. Royal Heating and Air also manufacture their own custom ductwork.  That means they can connect your old system to your new system with a perfect fit and no air leaks, for peak efficiency and less noise from air flow.

No matter what your HVAC needs may be, Royal Heating and Air is in your corner.  Whether you are in need of HVAC maintenance or repair, or need a completely new HVAC system, Royal Heating and Air makes it a personal goal to bring you the highest level of professionalism along with warm and friendly customer service.  They also believe in giving back to the community as a way of life, and taking care of their employees as a matter of principle.  You can feel assured that Tommy and the crew will shoot you straight on any of your HVAC questions, and you can feel great about working with such a wonderful, family owned small business.  For all your HVAC needs, give Royal Heating and Air a call at (573) 480-4313.  We are happy to help! 

Royal Heating & Air - "The King of Comfort"

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