Friday, April 30, 2021

What to Expect During your HVAC Change Out

Getting a new HVAC system installed is exciting … and perhaps nerve racking too.  We don’t suggest a changeout without a lot of analysis first.  We always strive to repair rather than replace, and only recommend replacing an HVAC when it is in the homeowner's best interest.  Usually that is only when the price of frequent repairs is not cost-effective, and/or the system is so old and malfunctioning to the point it is not worth investing in further. 

Sometimes we come to that conclusion as a result of a service call, sometimes homeowners call asking us to quote a new HVAC system.  Either way, the first step involves the owner, Tom Royal, meeting with the client at their home.  Tom inspects the condition of the existing system himself, trouble shoots, and checks to make sure the unit is big enough for the house.  (So many houses here at the lake started as small fishing cabins and have been expanded numerous times without an HVAC upgrade.) Tom talks with the homeowner about his or her concerns with the current system and answers any, and all, of their questions.

The office will prepare a quote, which is itemized to show all the options and the cost of each.  The quote will also include an additional options page with pricing, to inform homeowners of the opportunity to add in a wi-fi programmable thermostat, UV filters for maximum indoor air quality, and more. 

The homeowner will be given all their choices along with costs and time frames, provided information on potential rebates and financing, and allowed to think about them until they are ready. We do recommend you keep in mind when comparing quotes, any HVAC tech replacing your system should be bonded and insured, and EPA certified.  We are, and we also are proud to let you know we have an A+ rating with the BBB.

Once a homeowner decides to move forward with a change out, a technician will take precise measurements of the existing ductwork to then create ductwork to perfectly merge the old ductwork with the new HVAC unit.  On the day of the install (which is usually completed in one day), the first thing will be to remove the old system.  We then put in the new system, modify the ductwork and connect to the existing ducts.  Next, we test the system and debrief the homeowner on their new HVAC and how to run it and do basic maintenance like changing the filter or knowing how to shut off the breaker, etc.  Finally, we clean up and haul off the old equipment.

After the install, we follow up to make sure you are happy and that everything is working perfectly.  We also help you with all the paperwork to register your extended warranty (which covers parts for 10 years and labor for 1 year) and apply for any applicable rebates for you.  

While a new HVAC system changeout is not something we recommend lightly when it is time to make that investment and add to your home’s value, we are happy to be your team to guide you through the process.  The comfort and safety of your family mean everything to us, and helping you know you are making a wise investment matters to us too.  If you have concerns about your current HVAC system or would like to learn more about replacing your current HVAC system, feel free to call us anytime.  We are the king of comfort and we are happy to help!  

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