Friday, June 4, 2021

Why is My AC Not Working? – 7 Troubleshooting Tips

When your AC is not working, it can be hard to know when to try to trouble shoot it yourself, and when it is time to call a professional.  We thought we would share some tips to help you answer that question and give you some guidance on where to start.

1) Thermostat.

First things first, check your thermostat settings.  Make sure it is set to cool, otherwise you are just running the fan (or the heat).  Make sure the temperature on the thermostat is set below the current temperature.  If you don’t see anything displayed on your thermostat, don’t fret.  It is most likely just dead batteries which you can replace yourself.  

2) Circuit Breaker, Fuse or Transformer.

You may have just tripped a breaker.  Check your breaker box and reset it if it has tripped.  If it continues to trip, something is overloading the circuit.  Turn off appliances or other power loads on that circuit, and if it keeps tripping, call an HVAC professional at Lake of the Ozarks for a diagnosis.  There is also a fuse between your thermostat and your AC, if it is blown, we recommend having that fixed by a professional as well. Same thing with a blown transformer.  Blown transformers can be caused by a bad contractor in the outdoor unit, and wiring issues, so it is a good idea to have a professional take a look at it to rule out or fix those underlying issues.

3) Disconnect Switches.

You may not realize it, but you have disconnect switches to your indoor and outdoor units.  On the outside, it will be a service box mounted to the wall near your condenser unit.  Inside it is usually on the side of the furnace or mounted on a wall nearby.  Sometimes the fix is as simple as making sure the disconnect switch is not off.

4) Starting Components.

Most HVAC systems have a start capacitor and a run capacitor that enable your AC to turn on and remain on.  If the capacitors in your HVAC system have stopped working or reach the end of life, you will want to contact an HVAC technician at Lake of the Ozarks to have them replaced.

5) Dirty Coils.

Your HVAC system has two sets of coils that are critical to its proper functioning, one in the inside unit and the other outside.  When dirt collects on those coils it will hinder their ability to remove heat and cool the air as it blows over them.  When you have your system inspected regularly, your HVAC professional at Lake of the Ozarks will make sure they are clean and working at optimum performance.

6) Dirty Filter.

As always, checking your air filter is one of the best things you can do to troubleshoot and maintain your air conditioners efficiency.  A clogged filter will restrict air flow and make it impossible to cool the air.  It can even cause your system to freeze up and lead to other issues.  If your system is freezing up even with a clean filter, there may be a problem with the refrigerant charge or leaks.  Then it is worth calling a professional to take a look.

7) Damage.

Sometimes an air conditioner is not working because of damage or because something has gone bad.  Most of the time, it is possible to identify aging parts before they become an issue, and preventative maintenance is usually cheaper than letting something become a bigger problem.

With our HVAC inspections and maintenance plans in the Lake of the Ozarks area, we aim to make sure you never have to suffer without air conditioning.  We also strive to help our clients achieve maximum efficiency and life span with their HVAC units, and believe that prevention and maintenance are key.  If you want the peace of mind of knowing everything in your HVAC system is in good shape and able to function at peak performance, sign up for a maintenance plan to ensure trouble-free comfort all year round.   Call or sign up online today with Royal Heating and Air, the king of comfort!   

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