Friday, September 24, 2021

Your Pup – Fun Fall Activities & HVAC Facts for Your Pets

Your dogs are part of the family! With fall having officially arrived in Missouri, there are a lot of great options for outdoor activities to spend time with you pet. There are also a lot of considerations you should make when it comes to how your pet can affect your HVAC system. Royal Heating & Air is bringing you tips on both in the rest of today's blog! Keep reading for inspiration for fun fall activities and important HVAC facts for your dogs. 


Play in the Leaves

When you're raking up all the leaves in your yard, don't bag or burn them right away. First, have a great time jumping in the pile with your best pal. Jumping, running, tunneling through... A lot of dogs love playing in piles of leaves!

Visit a Dog-Friendly Apple Orchard or Pumpkin Patch

Look for an apple orchard or pumpkin patch that allows dogs. (You might be surprised how many do!) Your dog will love running around with you, trying to find the perfect apples or pumpkin. Let them sniff around and "pick" their favorite pumpkin. You could carve them their own dog-themed Jack-o-Lantern later! If you choose an apple orchard, don't forget to give them a slice. Apples can actually help keep a dog's teeth cleaner. (BUT, make sure to remove the seeds and core first as these can cause digestive issues and choking.)

Dress Up for Halloween

Who doesn't love photos of dogs dressed up in adorable costumes? Make it a family affair and include your dog in a group costume with you and the crew. There are lots of great ideas on Pinterest for dog costumes you're definitely going to love. You can even find dog-safe recipes for treats online to make sure your pup gets in on the trick-or-treating fun. 

Take Advantage of All the Pumpkin

Fall is the season for pumpkin for sure - It's everywhere! True pumpkin, without additives, can actually be really healthy for both you and your dog. Put a little bit of puree in with their food for a special treat that's full of fiber. (Don't put too much in though. Too much fiber can cause digestive issues.)

Go Hiking Together

In the summer, hiking can be a little more strenuous for your dog, especially if they have thick fur and can easily overheat. In the fall, on the other hand, your dog will love hiking alongside you! Take them with you to explore the fresh air and beautiful nature. They'll love you for it! 


Mind Your Air Filter

Air filters help clean the air in your home, catching particles of dust, dander, and more depending on the type of filter you get. Your pets can create a lot of extra debris that the filter has to deal with to keep you and your family breathing easy. That's why it's a good idea to get the right kind of filter for your home and be sure to change it often. 

Protect the Outdoor Unit

If your outdoor unit is accessible to your pets, they could potentially cause expensive damage to your HVAC system. Whether your dog likes to dig around the unit, scratch at it when it makes noise, or mark it as their territory, your unit could be at risk for needing expensive repairs. Consider putting a fence around your unit that prevents any pet damage while still allowing enough airflow for it to work efficiently.

Clean Your Air Ducts

Pet hair is inevitable when you have dogs running around the house. It’s best to have your air ducts cleaned on a regular basis because the air ducts are a hot spot for fur and other debris to build up. While a filter can help keep some of this pet debris from circulating around your home, not all particles are filtered out. A thorough cleaning can help reduce the chance of this kind of pet hair and dander from making its way around your home. It's best to have your air ducts professionally cleaned at least once a year - maybe more depending on your pet's size and level of shedding. 


Royal Heating & Air loves the fall season at the Lake of the Ozarks. Not only can everyone enjoy the fresh air and nature with their pets, but it also gives us an opportunity to take care of you - our valued customer. As the best HVAC company at the Lake of the Ozarks, we love helping you keep your home comfortable year-round, and we are here to help in any way we can. Give us a call to schedule a maintenance check or ask how we can help you with our other services. Call today! 573-480-4313

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