Friday, January 21, 2022

Keep the Family Entertained in Sub-Freezing Temperatures!

The temperatures have been really low the past few days! And sometimes it can be hard to think of what to do and how to stay entertained when it's in the single digits outside. Royal Heating & Air is here to keep your house comfortable and warm throughout the icy winter. And today we're bringing you some great ideas on how to stay entertained inside when it's too cold to be outside!

Get Crafty

You might be singing, "Snow, snow, go away!" But, you could embrace the snow theme instead and create paper snowflakes to hang around the house for the snowiest snow day of all! Some of the best materials to use for decorative snowflakes are probably already in your house... Printer paper, paper plates, and coffee filters all make beautiful snowflakes. You could try and follow a snowflake pattern online, or just have fun with it! The key is to make a circle with the material you're using, fold it in half several times over until it looks like a cone, then cut little notches out of the edges... voila! A pretty, unique snowflake of your own! 

Go Classic

When was the last time you played a good old fashioned card game, or even checkers! There are so many fun games out there right now, that it's easy to forget about the simpler games that we used to play. If you don't have a checker board, don't worry... You can use napkins to make the squares and paper plates and plastic cups for the pieces! Or, you could use ALL the decks of cards in the house and build the biggest house of cards you've ever built. Try seeing how many rooms you can build through with your card house castle. Or try to get the tallest tower of cards possible! 

Bake Some Treats

Another fun cold weather activity is to bake together. If you have a favorite baked treat, but you've never tried making it yourself, look up a recipe online and give it a go! Not feeling super adventurous? Sugar cookies are a classic treat... and who doesn't love sneaking some cookie dough before they go in the oven? Plus, baking can make you feel warmer as you watch the cookies bake in the oven. 
(Important Warning: Never use your oven to warm the house!! This can cause carbon monoxide leaks and even house fires.)

Do a Puzzle

If you have an old puzzle you've done before, now might be the perfect time to break it back out and put it together again! Puzzles help pass the time and can be a lot of fun to work on together. If you don't have a puzzle but can get out of the house for a bit, swing by the nearest WalMart and find a big selection of puzzles of all sizes in the toy section. There are also gadgets like the Puzzle Scoop that helps move bigger sections of the puzzle around and the Puzzler Saver that lets you roll the puzzle up on a mat to put away and continue working on later.

Stay Warm

Whatever fun activity you choose, be sure your house is warm and safe with the best heating company at the Lake of the Ozarks... Royal Heating & Air! We have been serving the Lake area for 10 years and we are committed to keeping your family comfortable year-round, even in single-digit temperatures. If your furnace isn't keeping up with these temperatures or your vents are only blowing cold air, give us a call and we'll come check it out! 

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