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HVAC 101: The Basics Every Home Owner Should Know

If you're a home owner in Missouri, you have an HVAC system that keeps your home safe and comfortable year-round. It's a really important part of your home, but do you know anything about it? Royal Heating and Air is the best HVAC company at the Lake of the Ozarks and we are here to help! In today's blog, we are covering the basics that every home owner should know about your heating and cooling system. Keep reading to learn all about it! 

What Does HVAC Stand For?

We use the term HVAC a lot, and you know it generally means the system that keeps your house warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot. But what does HVAC actually stand for? It stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. 

Most Familiar Parts of Your HVAC


The thermostat is the part of the HVAC system that you interact with the most - maybe even on a daily basis. The thermostat is the appliance where you set the temperature for your home. You can switch the system from cool to heat or fan. Thermostats can be fairly simple and relatively outdated, or they can be customizable, programmable devices that help you save on energy costs and enjoy more convenience. Royal Heating & Air has great programmable thermostats for you home - give us a call to learn more! 

Vents & Ductwork

The vents are another part of the HVAC system that you can easily see from inside your home. Depending on how your system is installed, the vents could be in the ceiling or in the floor. These vents are connected to the ductwork. Ductwork is what moves the air through the system and throughout your home to keep it at the temperature you set. Royal Heating & Air is set apart because we can design and create custom-fit ductwork for homes. This helps improve your system's efficiency and longevity because there are less leaks and more direct paths to the rooms they're managing. 

HVAC Parts for Heating


Furnaces move heated air from the heat exchanger into the ductwork, which then goes into your home. 

Heat Exchanger

A heat exchanger is inside of the furnace, but not technically part of it. This is a really important element in keeping your home warm when it's cold outside. It adds heat to air that comes through the system. 

HVAC Parts for Cooling

Evaporator Coil

Even though this part of your system is for cooling, it's located in the furnace. Inside of the evaporator coil, there is a fluid called refrigerant. As air passes over the coil, the coil absorbs the heat from the air which cools it down. Then that cold air is blown into your home, cooling it down. 

Condensing Unit

Condensing units also exchange heat with the air that passes over it, just like the evaporator coil. However, condensing units give off heat and are for outdoor HVAC units. 

Refrigerant Tubes

These tubes connect the indoor (evaporator coil) and outdoor (condensing coil) HVAC units. 

Heat Pump

Heat pumps can work to both heat and cool your home. When it's cold outside, the heat pump takes heat from the outside and pumps it inside. When it's hot outside, it takes heat from inside and pumps it outside instead.

Best HVAC Company at the Lake 

Royal Heating & Air is the best heating and cooling company at the Lake of the Ozarks and we are here to help you understand your system and keep it working well so your home stays comfortable and safe for years to come. Give us a call to schedule your maintenance check: 573-480-4313

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